Community Energy

Leastown Energy Community (LEC) is a member of the SEAI SEC programme.

LEC is a community of people from the farming & business sectors coming together to address sustainability, both at a community level & contribute to the national effort.

The 1st discussion on sustainability is around the family dinner table, bringing together individuals to share sustainable food & talk about how each person can affect energy resources.

Energy resources are required for good living & a progressive community for future employment.

LEC Seeks an improved approach to the generation of energy from the land in harmony with food, same approach can increase land production & local employment creating a circular economy.

DaysE is working closely with local Sustainable Energy Communities in Ireland to empower them on their energy transition.

Leastown Community have recently Joined the ‘DaysE Chain’ and we are assisting in the planning and development of a community owned and operated solar farm.

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