Better Energy Community – Expression of Interest

SEAI Better Energy Community and DaysE

‘Better Energy Community is Ireland’s national retrofit initiative aimed at upgrading building stock and facilities to high standards of energy efficiency and renewable energy usage …’ Sustainable Energy Authority Ireland

DaysE’s SEAI Better Energy Community project won the SEAI Sustainable Energy Award for Community in 2016. DaysE is presently taking expressions of interest from potential participants of a 2018 programme. To date we have overseen the investment of more than €3 million in upgrades, €1.5m in funding and over €200,000 in energy credits* with expected energy related savings of over €700k per annum, approximating to savings of over 3,200 tonnes of CO2. Read more below.

Better Energy Community Expression of Interest Form



Our award winning model demonstrates how your business’ energy savings can help finance energy upgrade projects for non-profit and community organisations. In our experience businesses are motivated to

  • reduce overheads,
  • to expedite the payback period and
  • to meet their corporate social responsibilities.

DaysE Better Energy Community projects provide a solution to all three.

DaysE works with businesses who have energy upgrade projects ready to go to include a professional audit with accurate analysis of proposed works in terms of costs and projected energy savings.  Alternatively, we support businesses in identifying suitable projects through the suggestion of experienced third party energy consultants and / or auditors.

We combine your business with other commercial and community partners under a BEC application. If your project is approved by SEAI you can expect to be offered a 20-30% grant towards the cost. We will work with you throughout the application to maximise your success and grant level. Measures covered under previous DaysE BECs include lighting, heating, cooling, renewable energy or energy demand reduction initiatives.

The DaysE model of collaboration & community impact requires that businesses pledge the energy credits which result from their verified energy savings to the community partners of the programme. This, combined with their own grant offer which typically ranges from 40 – 70 %, significantly alleviates the financial burden of the energy upgrades on the community organisations.

Business participants are also encouraged to pledge some of their own grant allowance on a case by case basis. DaysE matches businesses with community beneficiaries from the BEC project and each business will receive an impact report based on their energy credit / additional donation. All businesses can promote their ‘Donate As You Save Energy’ participation in their own marketing and PR initiatives.

All applicants will be required to submit audits for appraisal. An administration fee applies to all applications.

* Energy credits are the energy savings achieved by a project. Within the BEC programme the energy credits are purchased by a participating energy supplier who puts them towards energy efficiency target obligations.

While SEAI has not announced details of a 2018 Better Energy Community we are accepting ‘expressions of interest’ up to December 31st 2017.

This is a high level overview of a complex SEAI programme; DaysE recommends that all parties considering applying satisfy themselves as to the SEAI terms and conditions which are launched with each new programme.