Our Objectives

To reduce energy waste through collaboration

We link utility suppliers, service providers, corporate donors and beneficiaries for a more equitable sharing and sustainable use of energy.

To Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Fossil Fuels contribute to the build up of Greenhouse Gasses in our atmosphere. DaysE implements projects reducing or removing fossil fuel dependence. We help large energy users to reduce energy waste and lower their environmental impact.

To Combat Fuel Poverty

Fuel Poverty is a global problem. Some users are wasting energy with insufficient resources to implement savings. Some have no access to energy for life's basic necessities. Through collaboration, DaysE aims to combat both.
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Our Services

Corporate Social Responsibility

For large energy users, we offer an innovative model of collaboration through energy, fulfilling many of your corporate social responsibility goals: Including environmental protection, employee engagement, community support, marketplace relationship building.

Behaviour Change

Our pilot programme, developed by a behaviour change expert, engages employees in implementing energy savings throughout their day to benefit their chosen cause. The results of their efforts are displayed visually and in real time.

Energy Fund Managers

Our energy experts identify energy wastage and/or alternative sources. In return we receive a contribution towards an energy fund either by direct donation of cash, services or materials, energy credits or rebates.  We use this fund to implement energy projects with non profit groups. The energy savings / reduction of fuel poverty continues in a cyclical process.

Our Projects

Community Beneficiaries
Donor projects

Latest news

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